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Advanced Metering to Meet Tomorrow's Needs

Mission Statement: New Horizon Technologies Energy Services, LLC strives to be national leader in energy consumption metering and monitoring. We offer state-of-the-art, cost-effective metering and utility monitoring systems, associated value-added products and exemplary customer service.

Utility Information Management is Cost Effective

It is clear that information is crucial when it comes to energy management. Intelligence flows from energy information management and intelligent utility management is a key to cost-effective business operations. NHT can help you manage your utility information and thus your energy and resource costs. While energy management has always been in the hands of the customer, in this era of de-regulation, re-regulation and customer choice, informed energy management is even more important.

Utility Managers are now faced with questions such as:

  • How do I know whether I am in compliance with my energy supply contract? Am I looking at overage penalties or is my consumption below contractual requirements? Am I facing demand penalties?
  • What does my load profile look like? Is load shifting possible? Can I get an understanding of energy consumption and demand broken down by end-use or major loads?
  • Am I a candidate for time of use utility pricing or demand response technology?
  • Can I easily access historical energy consumption statistics? Can I easily access consumption histories from multiple facilities?
  • Can I identify Operations and Maintenance (O&M) issues from my energy consumption data?

The answers to questions like these can have a major financial impact on your business. And, the information needed to answer these questions is the foundation for all future decisions pertaining to energy supply, the identification of energy conservation measures and optimal facilities management. Metering and monitoring alone do not save money. But, incorporating metering and monitoring into a "best practices" energy management program will inevitably generate measurable energy savings. Metering and monitoring supply the data, aggressive energy management supplies the process and NHT provides you with the necessary tools and analytical techniques to proactively manage energy and put you back in control of your energy costs.

A Customized, Integrated Solution

NHT Energy Services, LLC offers a customized, integrated energy information solution that includes:

  • Customized, site specific energy metering and monitoring system design.
  • On-site coordination with all your local utilities.
  • Applications engineering support for subcontractors.
  • Turn-key systems integration.
  • Total project management.
  • Customized energy monitoring software through our partner, eComponents Technology Inc.
  • Customized hardware and software system training
  • On-line automated data verification
  • Toll-free and on-line technical support
  • "Total Customer Care" system maintenance

System Benefits

Comprehensive energy metering and monitoring has been identified by the U.S. Department of Energy as an energy management "best practice." As part of a comprehensive energy management program you can except to reduce your energy costs by 5-25% through metering and monitoring.

NHT Energy Services provides customized Utility Monitoring Systems designed to meet real customer needs. The implication of this customization is that you get a system that is designed around your particular requirements. This means that NHT Energy Services will develop a cost-effective hardware approach to metering your specific utilities, loads and end-uses and will offer customized software that appropriately provides the information you need.

System Functions

Some examples of the functionality accessible through NHT's Energy Information System technology include the following:

  • Access real time data from every meter and sensor in the system. Find out your consumption rates and other important factors and characteristics right now.
  • Be able to view and analyze the previous day's and month to date energy consumption and demand data. Have the data delivered to your workstation or access it over the Web.
  • Access, plot and analyze archived energy consumption data. The Utility Monitoring system can store years or even decades of interval data for every meter and sensor. With modern data storage capability, the system has no practical limits.


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