UMS Advanced Features

New Horizon Technologies and eComponents Technology are pleased to announce the introduction of several state-of-the-art features for the Utility Monitoring System (UMS). Several years in development, these new features are major advances over current technology. Here are some of the new or enhanced features:

Multiple Electric Meter Totalization

Are you billed for demand or other charges based on the total from several individual meters? The new UMS supports meter totalizing technology that will reproduce you utility bill demand and let you view it in real time. This means that you can now set UMS alarms when your demand reaches a certain threshold and act to reduce loads before you reach a new peak.

Advanced Electrical Metering

The UMS now supports advanced electrical metering. In addition to kW and kWh, UMS sub-meters can now provide V, A, Frequency, kW, KVA, and KWh by phase as well as kVAR, Power Factor and Total Harmonic Distortion.

Non-intrusive Water Metering

The UMS is one of the few commercial Utility Monitoring Systems to track domestic water. Difficulty in working with water utilities and accuracy issues related to redundant metering has proved to be challenging. Now, the availability of non-intrusive water metering has created a major advancement. New strap-on metering technology can be attached to existing utility water meters and read the utilities’ signal without disturbing the function of the utilities’ meter in any way. Also, no outage is required to install the meter sensor.

Advanced Sub-metering

The new UMS technology makes it easy to sub-meter loads such as chillers, kitchens, laundries and retail spaces. Adding additional meters and sensors is easy and once individual loads are tracked it is easy to identify energy savings opportunities.

Advanced Network Integration

With the new system, your local UMS is continuously connected to the internet, avoiding the unreliability of a telephone connection. Also, you can access your UMS data and reporting tools from any computer, using a simple Web browser.


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