UMS Data Acquisition System

The Utility Monitoring System (UMS) now uses the Obvius A8812 Acquisuite DR as its data acquisition server. The system supports LAN, modem or cellular communication paths with Modbus/RTU, Modbus TCP, TCP/IP, PPP, HTTP/HTML, FTP, NTP and XML protocols. It uses a Linux operating system with 16MB flash memory and 32MB ram. Months of on-board data storage are available under typical operating conditions. The system provides 1-60 minute interval data recording with a 15 minute interval default. It can support up to 32 external Modbus devices. It also has 8 flexible, user selectable input terminals capable of accepting voltage, current, resistance, pulse and status inputs as well as 2 integrated relay outputs for supervisory control of building energy management systems or demand response technology.

Highlighted Features

  • 8 channel on-board flexible "plug and play" pulse, analog current, analog voltage and resistance inputs.
  • On-board wireless RS485 communications capability.
  • Support for up to 32 separate multi-channel Modbus devices providing extensive sub-metering capability. Support for multi-channel branch circuit and end-use power measurements. Support for multi-channel analog and digital input devices.
  • Integrated web server provides set-up and configuration through an industry-standard web browser.
  • All data is stored in non-volatile memory, insuring data protection in the event of a power loss.
  • Light weight with a small footprint. CE labeled. LCD display console. 24V power supply with class 2 wall transformer.
  • Robust and durable technology.

UMS Highlighted Applications

  • UMS is normally installed on a secure public network. Data can be pushed to the data center at 15 minute intervals resulting in near-real-time data access using any industry standard web browser.
  • The UMS can directly interface with energy management systems and demand response technology to provide supervisory control based on monitored data.
  • The system can interface with up to 32 additional metering devices, providing extensive sub-metering capability for cost allocation and energy savings identification and verification purposes.
  • The system supports wireless data transmission which often results in substantial installation cost savings. The system also has cellular modem capability for remote installations.
  • The system is entirely web enabled using an industry standard web browser. Data collection; alarm set-up, configuration and acknowledgement; and configuration of integrated digital relay outputs and all web-based and can be accessed remotely.

Sub-Metering Value Summary

As facilities move to obtain LEED Certification, the UMS will be an indispensable tool for utility tracking and identifying energy savings opportunities. The investment in sub-metering will be quickly repaid through cost recovery and efficiency improvements.


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