Why Invest in the UMS?

  • The UMS is a tool that can help to save energy and improve building performance. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), savings of 5-15% typically accompany a robust utility metering, monitoring and management program.

  • Utility Monitoring is recognized by the DOE as a "Best Practice" component and it is the foundation of any energy efficiency program. It has been known since the 1970s that businesses and organizations that carefully monitor energy consumption use less than those who don't.

  • With the UMS "Benchmarks" will be developed so that you can compare your facility energy performance to other facilities as well as industry standards.

  • The UMS also saves money by automating many monitoring and reporting functions that are now done manually. You can avoid manually reading meters, manually entering data in your utility tracking system and manually preparing spreadsheets and analyses by using the UMS.

  • The UMS can be used to identify building or equipment problems such as water leaks, faulty chiller operation, clogged filters, improper energy management system operation and other building system problems that can cost money in terms of increased energy consumption and reduced equipment performance and longevity. Many of these problems are identified remotely, as part of the UMS data verification service, and are reported directly to the facility maintenance or engineering department.

  • The UMS can also provide data which can be used to identify energy conservation opportunities and to verify the savings from implementing energy retrofits. Many utilities now offer rebates for implementing energy saving technologies and the UMS can provide the documentation of savings that utilities will pay for.

  • With the UMS you can sub-meter individual loads or end-uses such as chillers, kitchens, laundries or retail spaces. You can access data at a previously inaccessible level and allocate energy consumption and costs properly.

  • The UMS can provide advanced electrical metering so that you can monitor electricity by phase as well as monitor power factor and power quality. Electrical power quality issues are growing in importance as building computer loads increase.


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