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New Horizon Technologies Energy Services, LLC (NHT Energy Services) and eComponents Technology, Inc. (eComponents) have teamed to provide turn-key energy monitoring and control systems and offer other energy-related value-added services such as post-installation systems maintenance and training, technical support, energy engineering, reporting and savings verification services.

NHT Energy Services and eComponents provide integrated energy monitoring products, characterized as Utility Monitoring Systems (UMS) or, alternatively, Energy Information Systems (EIS). NHT Energy Services and eComponents personnel have collaborated for over two decades and key team members have been designing and installing energy metering and monitoring systems for over 30 years. The team first offered turnkey monitoring system products over a decade ago in 1995.

The UMS collects interval-based consumption data for electricity, natural gas, water and other major utilities such as propane, purchased steam and purchased hot or chilled water and interval-based, environmental measurements such as outdoor ambient temperature and relative humidity for large enterprises such as hotels, universities and government facilities. The UMS also can also collect interval-based data for large sub-metered loads in individual buildings such as chillers, cooling towers, kitchens and laundries. The UMS features real-time data access for all measured loads.

The UMS supports both client-server and browser-based software. The UMS software provides extensive reporting, data visualization and analysis capability with custom report writing software that has been extensively developed for the hotel market. The UMS also provides web-based capability to set and acknowledge local and enterprise-level energy consumption alarms.

The team also offers a 'Lite' version of the UMS as its other major product offering. The browser-based UMS Lite has all of the features of the UMS except real-time data access, alarms and utility rate tariff modeling. It has been offered as a lower cost alternative to the full-featured UMS.

Both versions of the UMS have one feature that is essentially unique in the marketplace. The UMS product is sold with an ongoing technical support contract in which the integrity of every data point from every meter or sensor is automatically verified every business day. Sensor failures, meter modifications, equipment failures and changes in mechanical system operating procedures are thus immediately detected. When the UMS entered the marketplace it was one of the only metering and monitoring systems capable of addressing missing or corrupt data and providing data editing capability. While some competitors now have the capability of addressing missing data, to our knowledge, no competitor offers on-line automated data verification. And, in our experience such data verification is crucial to the effective operation of any energy metering and monitoring system. After a year or two of operation, a system without either such capability or a highly skilled system operator will have undergone many undetected modifications or failures and be generating so much useless information that the investment in the system will likely have been lost. Such is often the case with Energy Management and Control Systems that are left without system upgrades and maintenance.

There are several energy monitoring systems available in the commercial marketplace. Companies with an energy management and control systems background and perspective offer the majority of these systems. The UMS is one of the few systems on the market that was designed by energy data analysts and energy efficiency experts. The focus of the UMS is on monitoring and only secondarily on control. The strength of the UMS lies in its focus on data quality and accuracy, data visualization and graphical display, and its data analysis capabilities; all of which lead to a focus on the identification and verification of energy saving opportunities.

In terms of software and hardware characteristics and capabilities, the Utility Monitoring System matches or surpasses the competition in essentially all respects. The UMS logs interval data and displays real-time data in numeric and strip chart format. The data-logging interval is variable and is user defined. The UMS can accept digital and analog inputs and is Modbus compatible. It is expandable up to at least 128 channels. The UMS provides user selectable alarming capability with audible and visual alarm signals.

The UMS software is flexible and comes with a number of standard reports. The UMS also comes with Report Writer software. The unique Report Writer Software allows the user to generate custom Microsoft Excel reports that meet specific needs. Customers have used the Report Writer software to prepare custom reports for hotel benchmarking as well as for aggregated loads such as total building electricity, natural gas and water measured at multiple meters.


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