UMS Wireless Data Transmission

The Utility Monitoring System (UMS) supports wireless data transmission. The Obvius A8812 Acquisuite DR interfaces with the Modhopper wireless Modbus/pulse transceiver to provide a self-optimizing wireless interface. Each Modhopper can accept two standard dry contact pulse inputs. The Modhopper also connects to RS-485 Modbus networks through its serial port. Up to 128 Modbus devices can be supported through a Modhopper network.

Highlighted Features

  • 2 pulse inputs per Modhopper
  • Modhopper connects to Modbus networks through its serial port.
  • Connects up to 128 RS-485 Modbus devices.
  • Automatically detects optimum network routing.
  • Uses self-managed mesh network technology. No computer software configuration is required.


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