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New Horizon Technologies Energy Services, LLC (NHT Energy Services) was established January 1, 1999. It is a privately held, for-profit corporation that is an outgrowth of New Horizon Technologies, Inc., the for-profit subsidiary of the National Center for Appropriate Technology. The owners of NHT Energy Services, John McBride and Robert Williams had previously been officers and directors of New Horizon Technologies, Inc., and McBride held various senior technical and management positions with the National Center for Appropriate Technology since its establishment in 1976.

NHT Energy Services provides energy monitoring services, including hardware, applications engineering and systems integration and offers other value-added services such as post-installation systems maintenance and training, technical support and energy engineering and savings verification services. Recent customers include the Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Square D Schneider Electric, Minnesota State University Mankato, Marriott International, Cerromar Beach Properties, LLC; Four Seasons Hotels, Simon Property Group, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Texas A&M University and the Minnesota Department of Administration. Over the years, New Horizon Technologies has provided services to a broad range of large end-use customers, utilities, state and federal government agencies, national laboratories and universities.

NHT Energy Services' staff has been involved in metering and monitoring energy consumption in large buildings and campuses for over 30 years, and key staff has worked together for over two decades. NHT Energy Services' skills in energy metering and monitoring were developed at the National Center for Appropriate Technology by evaluating the performance of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and later with New Horizon Technologies, Inc. through metering projects with large utilities and national laboratories. NHT Energy Services staff has coordinated the installation of energy metering equipment in well over 2,000 buildings, industrial and agricultural facilities in nearly 40 States and Provinces throughout North America. NHT Energy Services has extensive experience metering and monitoring electricity, natural gas, other liquid and solid fuels, and renewable energy systems, and specializes in thermal energy metering (steam, hot water and chilled water) in large facilities and campuses. NHT Energy Services also has substantial experience with projects that involve enterprise-level networking and communications at multiple facilities in widely dispersed geographic locations.

The Utility Monitoring System

With our teaming partner, eComponents Technology, NHT Energy Services offers a suite of products collectively designated as Utility Monitoring Systems (UMS). The UMS collects interval-based data for electricity, natural gas, water and other major utilities such as propane, purchased steam and purchased hot or chilled water and environmental measurements such as outdoor ambient temperature and relative humidity in large facilities such as hotels, universities and government facilities. The UMS can also collect interval-based data for large sub-metered loads in individual buildings such as chillers, cooling towers, kitchens and laundries.

The UMS provides extensive reporting, data visualization and data analysis features along with custom report writing capability. The UMS features real-time data access for all metered loads. This capability supports real-time alarming and control and provides the user with the potential for both local facility and enterprise-level demand response capability. The UMS is also a very useful product in large industrial and agricultural facilities with both monitoring and control applications.

Services With Lasting Value

NHT Energy Services creates value for large energy consumers through its breadth of services, technical expertise, dedication to quality and independence. NHT Energy Services uses energy metering and communications systems to improve the operating efficiency of enterprises, buildings and industrial processes and thus increase the rate of return on customers' deployed capital.

NHT Energy Services' customers receive additional added value by working with a company that can provide:

  • A wealth of focused, team-oriented experience that is uncommon in the industry.
  • A strong scientific background in energy measurement.
  • Independence to choose the right metering technology without being tied to a particular product line or vendor.
  • An in-house Test and Measurement Laboratory with the capability to thoroughly evaluate metering and data acquisition systems before they are deployed in the field.
  • An unwavering emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction.
  • The ability to integrate meter hardware, software, communications systems and applications engineering into coherent, professionally supported, turnkey package that creates real, measurable value.

NHT Energy Services' business is development and integration of building and process energy metering systems. NHT Energy Services provides cost-effective solutions to complex energy metering problems along with sound approaches for customers seeking customized state-of-the-art technology. NHT Energy Services has skilled engineers available to solve problems throughout North America. For more information call 406.494.4577 or email to

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