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MeterBenefits of Permanently Installed Metering Systems for Large Scale Energy Users

  1. At the premise level in a deregulated energy environment, permanently installed metering systems will be required for real-time pricing demand response and load aggregation.
  2. At the building or facility level, permanently installed submetering can support building commissioning, operations & maintenance measure identification, energy cost allocation and power quality problem identification and remediation.
  3. Permanently installed metering provides continuous feedback rather than "snapshot" measurements. Facility management personnel can be continually aware of a facility’s energy performance and identify problems when they happen, not only when an audit or inspection takes place.
  4. Building commissioning supported by permanently installed metering systems, shows higher initial energy savings and through "re-commissioning" these savings have longer persistence.
  5. Permanently installed metering systems build long-term customer relationships through the opportunity for frequent customer interaction.



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