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New Horizon Technologies provides systems integration services that are committed to finding the best quality energy information solution. To meet that committment, NHT has developed partner arrangements with these companies.

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eComponents Technology Inc
Energy Information System Software developers for client/server and internet enabled data management and data visualization.

SCADA, communications monitoring and control systems, intelligent remote terminal units, hydro automation, and system integration.

Schneider Electronics

Schneider Electric
Nation's premier manufacturer of electric controls, meters and circuit monitors.

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Energy Systems Laboratory
Texas A&M's  engineering research lab - the Building Energy Analysis Division (BEAD).


SBW Consulting
Engineering firm specializing in energy efficiency improvements for lighting, HVAC and process applications



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New Horizon Technologies
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P.O. Box 3003
Butte, MT 59702

Phone: 877-494-8833
Fax: 406-494-2905

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