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Advanced Metering to Meet Tomorrow's Needs

NHT Energy Services is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art energy metering and monitoring products and innovative applications to customers with high energy consumption and a pressing need to know how that energy is being used. Our Utility Monitoring Systems are state-of-the-art, robust and reliable. Thirty years' experience implementing energy metering technology has equipped NHT Energy Services with the depth and breadth of knowledge to optimize metering system capabilities and cost-effectiveness. NHT Energy Services understands that every facility is different and each facility manager has individualized needs and requirements. We provide individualized system designs and customizable products to meet your facilities' specific needs.

Exacting system design, product selection and installation are all critical to the successful implementation of an energy metering system. Metering-based facility energy management is only as good as the information provided. We believe that our dedication to careful and calibrated implementation is the cornerstone to customer satisfaction. We ensure that the system installed in your facility performs as specified. An NHT Energy Services' Field Engineer oversees every step of the implementation process. The engineer coordinates every step of the project.

The implementation of an Energy Information System typically begins with a site inspection in which metering options are identified and system requirements specified. Here user input is critical since customer requirements are translated into hardware and software products at this stage. Next, the various options are sifted and prioritized into a monitoring plan which essentially is a design of your monitoring system architecture. The monitoring plan provides a detailed system installation timeline and cost estimate. Implementation begins once the design is approved.

Expertise and Experience

Over the past 30 years, New Horizon Technologies Energy Services staff has been involved in metering and sub-metering over 2000 buildings including over 1000 commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. Evolving from the energy research industry, NHT Energy Services has vast experience monitoring a broad range of energy and utility forms and associated variables including electricity, natural gas, thermal energy (steam, hot and chilled water), domestic water and on-site weather conditions. NHT also has vast experience implementing enterprise-level systems with widely-dispersed data acquisition and communication requirements including state-of-the-art wireless and internet-based communications.

This combination of experience and expertise allows NHT Energy Services to design precise and customized solutions to complex energy metering and monitoring problems.

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