New Horizon Technologies Energy Services (NHT) is a pioneer in the field of energy consumption metering and monitoring with over 35 years of experience providing energy management services. Our team is committed to providing our customers with the information they need to optimize building system operations to reduce utility usage and costs with sustainable practices.


NHT provides turn-key Energy Management Information Systems including hardware, software, applications engineering and systems integration services. Our turn-key systems are offered with ongoing maintenance and technical support services to ensure a robustly managed platform that delivers timely intelligence on building utility usage, enabling our customers reduce costs and deliver a sound return on investment.


– Reduce energy and water usage and costs

 – Benchmark building energy usage

– Optimize building system operations

– Verify utility bills & rates

– Track utility budgets & costs

– Accurately account for tenant utility usage

– Minimize your energy footprint! 


A turn-key Utility Monitoring System (UMS) from NHT delivers the energy intelligence you need to take immediate corrective action to optimize building operating systems and minimize waste: web-based system interface allows you to instantly view your intra-day energy and water usage; automated email reports provide daily feedback on daily and monthly usage statistics; the NHT energy services technical support team vigorously monitors system data and alarms and provide immediate notification of anomalous usage patterns to quickly identify building equipment or system failures.


At NHT Energy Services we emphasize data quality, accuracy, and consistency. Your selection of our products and services is a commitment that we take extremely seriously, and we promise to dedicate the resources needed to ensure a robust, reliable system that you can count on to help achieve your energy efficiency goals.

Whether you are a current customer or are interested in learning more about NHT’s Utility Monitoring Services, we want to hear from you! Click the ‘Contact’ button to reach out now.